Consider Big Sky Homes and Development

If you’re a landowner looking to realize cash from your plot, or simply want to see your surplus land put to good use, selling land to a developer like Big Sky Development could be the perfect solution for you.

Our dedicated team of property professionals have in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in realizing returns for land owners. We can see the potential of land by finding promising potential development opportunities that fit the site and the area. We specialize in buying land and resolving any difficult planning problems ourselves after the purchase.

Selling land for development means it will provide new home opportunites in the community. This could involve  restoring derelict areas to improve the urban environment. Not only will you make a profit from selling land to Big Sky, you can also be sure that your local area will benefit too. If you’re interested in selling land for development and want an idea of the price a buyer will pay for your land, contact Big Sky Development.

So, you’re interested in selling land to a developer. What happens next?

With Big Sky Development, we’ll be there to support you from the first point of contact. As soon as you let us know you’re considering selling land for development, we will send our team out to you.

These are our in-house specialists on land requirements. They’ll come out to assess the potential of your site, then keep in touch with our discreet professional follow-up service  guiding you through every step of the process.

We don’t rule any options out if you’re considering selling land for development. We look at previously developed Brownfield sites, Greenfield sites, urban locations, rural locations, and most plots over 0.5 acres. Unconditional, Subject to Planning, Option, Joint Venture and Part Exchange purchases are also considered.

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Big Sky Development specializes in taking unused and underappreciated land and making something amazing out of it.